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Simec Group is an Italian family-run company. It has been active since 1960 in the production and engraving of anilox rolls and embossing cylinders, serving over 35 application sectors. Two modern industrial centers, in Northern and Central Italy, cover 65,000 square meters, 25,000 of which are covered. Both of them are organized with a lean approach and guarantee HQ productions, many of which are 100% manufactured internally.

The company is characterized by a strict code of ethics, constant investment in R&D, engineering and construction of its production facilities, creation of pioneering trend- setting solutions through technological leadership, quality control, care for environmental and social aspects, continuous improvement of production lines and development of long-term relationships with customers and business partners.

Production processes are fully digitalized and new business models have been developed to predict and manage the needs of customers worldwide, thus ensuring their maximum satisfaction and productivity.

The Simec Group’s product portfolio is appreciated worldwide for its high quality and high level of customization. The coding of customers’ needs and production tools and the digitalized management of internal processing ensure repeatability of anilox specification and fast deliveries.

DELTOR. Mechanically engraved rollers. Extensive and constantly updated engraving range. New engraving geometries designed to optimize the machines performance, including old-generation systems.

STARLOX. Laser engraved ceramic rollers and sleeves. The Montefino plant is dedicated to this processing. Every step, from body construction to superfinishing, takes place in-house. Engraved tables up to 9000 mm. Ad-hoc coatings according to industrial application. Stock of anilox available for prompt delivery.

EMBOSS. Embossing cylinders. Massive investments in this sector allow Simec to be a cylinder supply hub for the processing of various materials. The high level of automation and the engraving technologies available meet any production need of the customers with flexibility and quickness.

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