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ACE is an Italian company, leader in the production of electrostatic systems and dedusting plants. Born in the 1970s covering 13 different application sectors, thanks to expertise and passion ACE has been able to expand to a large network of commercial agents and retailers all over the world and with the opening of its international headquarters in China in Suzhou (Shanghai).

Excellencies in the company’s product portfolio are the ESA electrostatic system with patented 24V technology, Web Cleaners systems and dedusting plants. ACE stands out for the quality of its products, allowing to eliminate electrostatic charges and dust from production processes while also guaranteeing a safe and healthy environment for all operators.

This is made possible by constant investments in R&D, consolidating the company’s technological know-how, enriching its systems towards an eco-friendly offering. Many years of technical experience and worldwide after-sales assistance make ACE the perfect partner to improve the products’ final quality.

ACE works in two different areas.


  • anti-stats bars with 24V technology, also with ATEX certification or UL marking.
  • Patented ESA 24V rotogravure printing electrostatic assistance systems, both in top-charge or direct charge version, for optimal print quality.


  • both contact and contactless cleaning systems for the complete removal of dust and fibre from the surfaces of different materials and the combination of one or more HS cleaning heads with patent-pending MEA-X technology, combined with its filtering unit, improving yield performance in the absence of downtime.
  • Patented Cut Cleaner system installed directly on the cutting unit to eliminate problems caused by the dust spawning, significantly increasing the life and efficiency of blades.
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